Looking after your new hair color


Maintaining Your Hair Colour


Here are some simple steps to help look after your hair colour


  • Professional Shampoo and Conditioner. Always use products recommended by your hairdresser. Professional products are designed to maintain your colour and keep it looking fresher for longer. Non professional products are filled with nasty cheap sulphate ingredients that will strip and wash that new color or toner of yours straight down the drain.


  • Always wait 48 hours to wash your hair. Fresh color and toners need time to settle. Washing hair sooner then this can cause unnecessary stress / dryness to the hair.


  • Purple Shampoo. Blondies and Brunette can use purple shampoo. The point of purple shampoo is to remove unwanted yellow tones from any hair type. At Meraki, we recommend using ‘Fanola no Yellow’ shampoo for more intense ashy tones or ‘Kevin Murphy Blonde Angel’ for more neutral creamy tones. Purple shampoo’s can be used weekly, but i always like to educate our clients that purple shampoo is for adding tone only, so i find it can sometimes make the hair feel dry, so always back it up to a deep conditioning conditioner. I would recommend Kevin Murphy ‘Smooth Again, Young Again, Repair or Hydrate Rinse to finish.


  • Clarifying shampoo. Sometimes when we use toning shampoo’s, conditioner’s or hair products such as dry shampoo or hairspray, our hair can start to look ‘flat’. Clarifying shampoo’s are fantastic to use once a fortnight to once a month to give your hair a deep cleanse and get it looking bright again. ‘Kevin Murphy Maxi Wash’ gives you these results and its also a great shampoo for the boys to use to help strip their hair from oils, dirt, sweat and product build up. We do need to say if you have hair extensions, we don’t recommend this step to you.


  • Coloured Conditioners. Fashion colours are sadly not designed to stick around. If your a lover of reds, purples, coppers or any other color under the rainbow in your hair, chances are you’ve experienced color fading. At Meraki we offer custom made coloured conditioners from the ‘Evo Fabulouso and Kevin Murphy Range’ where we can mimic your exact hair color into a conditioner so you can maintain your favourite hair color at home.


  • Treatments. The Holy Grail to maintaining your color. The healthier your hair is, the better your color is going to look. At meraki, we recommend adding a weekly treatment into your schedule (and sticking to it becoming a weekly ritual.) Not only will your hair love you for it, so will your hairdresser! Between the Olaplex and Kevin Murphy range we stock at Meraki, we can recommend a treatment to suit every hair type.


  • Leave In Treatments. Once you’ve washed your hair its still so important to look after your hair and the colour from the heat of the hairdryer, irons or even just UV Sun. I always like to explain it like leave in treatment is like sunscreen for your hair; you wouldn’t go into 200 degree heat without sunscreen on your skin, why would you do it to your hair? of course its going to fry and burn. Adding leave in treatments such as ‘Kevin Murphy Young Again Oil, Staying Alive, Untangled, Smooth Again or Repair’ depending on your hair type will add more moisture to your hair, seal the ends, protect hair from heat and give it extra smoothness and shine, which will result in your color popping!


  • Trims. Yes, trims are going to make your colour look better. Having nice sealed non whispy / split ends will make your hair look fuller and healthier and that will complement your color. Even if your trying to grow your hair, keeping up with trims means your ends will constantly stay sealed and prevent split ends and hair breakage.

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