Services - Hair



Part Line Foils

from $80.00

Half Head Foils

from $110.00

Full head Foils

from $130.00



from $75.00

Short Tint

from $90.00

Medium Tint

from $100.00

Long Tint

from $110.00

Extra Colour

from $30 per 20gm

Tint and Foils / Balayage


from $150.00

Tint and foils

from $110.00

Lightening Services

Regrowth (4-8 weeks)

from $105.00

Regrowth (over 8 weeks)

from $125.00

Regrowth and Ends

from $140.00

Ladies Styling


from $70.00

Blow Wave Short

from $55.00

Blow Wave Long

from $60.00

Up Styling

from $90.00

Dry Styling Curls Short

from $50.00

Dry Styling Curls Long

from $55.00

Mens Grooming

Mens Hair Cuts

from $40.00

Beard Trim

from $25.00

Cut Throat Face Shave

from $35.00

Grey Blending Tint

from $55.00

Keratin Smoothing Treatment

Short Length Hair

from $220.00

Medium Length Hair

from $260.00

Long Length Hair

from $320.00

** Extra charge if hair is thicker then average of $60.00

* Prices are subject to change / Extra product may be charged if necessary / Prices do not include toners